The black norm

I remember on a #professional_writing #internship i had at this specs writing company, where the boss was hella racist… this guy told me a “ i remember when school, college was free until they started letting non whites, that is…blacks attend school, then they had to start a fee to keep the entry down and keep the classes of people significantly different via education.

Told that story to my internship director at University of Houston-Downtown – don’t even know if they looked into my claims… yup there was more. They’d never gotten me another real internship opportunity- i felt to blame.

This was all after i was laid off from my career at AT&T, by a first line manager that told me as i was signing out” don’t worry – when Obama care kicks in, you’ll have Obama care to care for your family”. Right after Obama’s was elected (mass retaliation on blacks, mostly men)

Anyway, the good part is, got outta there (both places ) without a murder or an assault charge. That’s how a black man has to think. It’s honestly a sad reality of life.

The first mentioned, specification writing company was A 2 person operation run by him and his wife.. they get oodles Of specification contracts (boring ass work). This was the end of my office days, right before the engineering internship where the redneck dude told me i didn’t look like an disabled vet. I couldn’t have/ WOULDNT HAVE…. ever disrespected someone like that. I All But got walked out of that place. Worked for the union on occasion at Att, know my rights and discrimination violations, etc. doesn’t apply in small offices and people act deaf and blind when it’s one of them…

You have to realize we live in a racist society. That’s the only “beginning” & It’s not gonna be fixed by singing together and praying, nor guns. Starting to equalize educational opportunity is a big start. Although you might say, elliott you have a degree, look at how it got you… true. But I’m only one person. The next young black man can easily grow up to maneuver and own more of these firms. I’m like a pebble to a bolder. I know this already exists but evidently, not enough. Given up on the search because it’s really an unbelievable story to wheel into a job interview but the only experience in my post graduate experience. My ATT and veteran status serve little purpose, as much as people / companies like to brag patriotic. It’s a croc. They’re patriotic only to their poster child, elementary image of what an American should be.

So get out there and get your education young. It’s up to you to change this world.


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Sincerely, Mr. Buzzkill

To all the brothers and sisters that are disgusted when they kill another black kid, or you were on the Native American hype sending chain messages, I know it’s a long way from February, so black history isn’t fresh on the brain… here’s a part that was left out of the books. And on behalf of my great grandmother, Matilda (mother of Ada, my grandmother) a Blackfoot Indian, the other pic, although they look more like me….

If you’re just barbecuing and rolling up, enjoying a day off – that’s real. But I just like to pass on knowledge so you and I watch what we celebrate and devote our energy to.